Protein Engineering

We have produced a family of Elastin-Like Peptides using protein engineering. By blending these peptides into hydrogel formulations, we create defined µ-environments for tissue engineering.

Hydrogels to influence cell behavior


Modular design of elastin-like peptides

Protein engineering and purification

protein purification.png

1. Design DNA sequence


2. Clone into bacterial plasmid




3. Transfect into e. coli bacteria




4. Induce bacteria to produce protein





5. Purify by temperature cycling:

     - cold: protein is soluble

     - hot: protein precipitates

For more information:

Straley K, Heilshorn SC. Independent tuning of multiple biomaterial properties using protein engineering.  Soft Matter, 2009, 5:114-124.

Straley KS, Heilshorn SC. Dynamic, three-dimensional pattern formation within enzyme-responsive hydrogels. Advanced Materials, 2009, 21:4148-4152. 
hydrogel 2.png